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EJJP Mission Statement

Thursday 12 March 2015 by EJJP

We are a federation of European Jewish organizations working for just peace in Israel/Palestine. EJJP continues in the tradition of Jews struggling for justice for all. We are part of the movement struggling against all forms of racism, antisemitism, islamophobia, sexism, and social injustice.

Our organization seeks to promote a just peace based upon equal rights for Israelis and Palestinians, including the Palestinian refugees and Palestinian citizens of Israel. Equal rights include the right of self-determination.
We believe that the violence will not end as long as Israel is violating international law on a continual basis. Any violence against civilians is a breach of international law. We believe that the safety of Jews and Palestinians cannot be achieved, as long as human and collective rights are not respected, and the occupation and the destruction of Palestinian society continue.

Although it is the responsibility and prerogative of the people in Israel/Palestine to determine their own political future, we believe that Europe carries a large responsibility for allowing the decades-long unequal conflict to continue. Europe must play an active role in achieving a just peace. We endorse the Palestinian civil-society call for BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) as a non-violent means to promote the application of international law and demand accountability. We support those in Israel/Palestine who struggle for justice.

As a federation of Jewish organizations, we reject the notion that the state of Israel represents all Jews around the world. It does not speak in our name.

Les seules publications de notre site qui engagent notre association sont notre charte et nos communiqués. Les autres articles publiés sur ce site sans nécessairement refléter exactement nos positions, nous ont paru intéressants à verser aux débats ou à porter à votre connaissance.

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