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We are Jewish and we are anti-Zionists

Monday 25 February 2019

February 19, 2019
By National Coordination of the UJFP

We are Jews, heirs of a long time when the great majority of Jews believed that their emancipation as an oppressed minority passed through the emancipation of all humanity.

We are anti-Zionists because we reject the separation of the Jews from the rest of humanity.

We are anti-Zionists because the Nakba, the premeditated ethnic cleansing of the majority of Palestinians in 1948-49, is a crime that needs to be repaired.

We are anti-Zionists because we are anti-colonialists.

We are anti-Zionist because we are anti-racist and because we reject the apartheid that has just been formalized in Israel.

We are anti-Zionists because we defend everywhere "living together in equal rights".

At a time when those who unconditionally defend Israeli policies despite the occupation, colonization, the blockade of Gaza, the arrested children, the mass imprisonment, the torture made official in the law ... prepare a liberticidal law assimilating anti-Semitism, which is our intimate history, to anti-Zionism,

We will not be silent.

The National Coordination of the UJFP, February 18, 2019

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Communiqué de l’UJFP : "Nous sommes juifs et nous sommes antisionistes" le 8-02-2019

18 February 2019
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